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Because of that I have taken 97 months off from dating. Right is out there I just haven't crossed his path. Right now I would walk into any local bar and go home with him. I'm just looking for a man between 97 and 97 has a job and a car. Although I do believe that personality is more important than a gucci bag or how long you spend working your abs. I'm tall athletic but most of all I'm smart and have common since.

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I never used their services and I haven't even been back to that site for more than a year.

:o I have a feeling we're missing some details, like how you got involved with this website to begin with.

:o Linked In keeps trying to sign me up for a free month of their premium service. To me this means that they are going to charge me the next period unless I proactively go onto their site & cxl.

I only joined (over a freaking year ago) out of curiosity.Why else on earth would a company want your credit card unless they were planning on charging it??? Why else on earth would a company want your credit card unless they were planning on charging it??? So the theory that they gave me a free month and now are charging me is incorrect. If the computer authorities say no, you've lost nothing. Not that I use those;)On a non porny note - I had a trial membership with a mob called 30 day free trial no questions asked if I wanted to leave within the 30 days.The fact that you got them to cooperate may just be because it would cost them more than in money and effort to challenge you if you disputed the charge (and make it easier for them to really get nasty if you tried to do anything further). Instead of giving me an answer, he got all pissy with me.It seems to me, if this were a legitimate charge, he would have told me so.What I am getting at is I bet there are some weasel words somewhere in there that let them do what they did. It is right there, but, whoever reads these things? The deal is, if you want to browse their site, you first have to give them a CC number, with the promise it will be free unless you want a private "one on one" with one of the girls.