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The court determinately pointed out that the FCC is assigned with regulating essential utilities like telecommunication services and electricity, and consequently, the Internet isn’t considered to be one of those utilities under current law.

Specifically, the court found that the FCC could not regulate broadband under common carrier rules as it had argued, because it had not classified the service as a telecommunications service.

The woman sitting on the other side of the man had seen it happen and asked to be moved, King wrote in a Medium post.

King said that while the flight attendant wanted to alert her to what had occurred, the flight crew failed to wake her up and move her to a safe place.

Eventually, Congress will need to step in and set a standard of regulation for U. Until we can rid ourselves of the current “do-nothing” Congress, expect little movement on this by our legislative branch of government.

The possibility of regulations designed to mandate the neutrality of the Internet has been subject to fierce debate, especially in the United States.

A woman who took an American Airlines flight from New York City to Paris in May claims a man she sat next to on the plane masturbated while she slept and that the flight crew did not intervene while it happened.

Chloe King said that when she woke up before the plane landed, a flight attendant informed her the man had been masturbating and that French Police would arrest him upon landing.

It’s American capitalism 101, companies will undoubtedly get larger and seek to continue to maximize profits for their shareholders.

In the end, the American consumers will be left holding a bag full of commercial content bought and paid for by the highest bidder. Unfortunately, members of Congress understand little about advancing technology and heavily rely on the steady supply of talking points and “research” provided to them by lobbyist.