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Dieter Jansen (Dutch)Grégory Praet (French, seasons 4-6)Steven Merting (German)Andrea Oldani (Italian, S1E26)Luca Ghignone (Italian, S4E10)Dario Sansalone (Italian, S6E7)Yoshiyuki Shimozuma (Japanese)Kim Jung-hoon (Korean)Klaudiusz Kaufmann (Polish) or Soarin', is a male Pegasus pony and a member of the Wonderbolts.

His cutie mark in Rainbow Falls, in Newbie Dash, and in the IDW comics' Friends Forever Issue #36 is a yellow lightning bolt through a dark gray heart-shaped symbol reminiscent of a double cresting wave.

He appears in the earlier episodes of the series, making his debut in The Ticket Master, in Rainbow Dash's fantasy.

Soarin makes his speaking debut in The Best Night Ever, which is also where his name is mentioned by Spitfire, the captain of the Wonderbolts.

He next appears in Sonic Rainboom, attending and judging for The Best Young Flyer Competition in Cloudsdale.

He is one of the Wonderbolts that attempts to save Rarity when she plummets after her wings burn.