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For example, some people believe that it is unacceptable for a partner to: Again, the main point is that individuals differ in what they consider to be an acceptable form of contact with other people.

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Its three summoning actions are a failure and other two abilities: Chocobos can be found in chocobo forests situated throughout the world. The regular chocobos can be used to travel around the world, but they flee when dismounted.

White chocobos restore 500 MP to the party when caught.

Later games have made the yellow variety the common breed and introduced other types characterized by different colors.

While the yellow chocobo is flightless, stronger breeds can swim and fly.

In some games, chocobos are used to find hidden treasures. Though often domesticated, chocobos can be found in the wild and sometimes fought as enemies.

Chocobos can be called into battle by Summoners, and are one of the most basic summons for new Summoners to master.

Once the player enters the Lunar Whale the first time, one black chocobo will spawn in each chocobo forest.Common variations include the black chocobo, red chocobo, blue chocobo, and the chocobo breed universally regarded as the strongest, the gold chocobo.Other games depict colors such as green, white, silver, brown, and purple.Males are predominately raised as steeds, as females are sometimes considered ill fit to ride. Chocobos have an infamous pungent odor often commented on by NPCs—the Brain Blast quizzes in Final Fantasy XIII-2 mention Academia students once had chocobo riding as a mandatory course, but this was dropped when parents complained of the smell rubbing off on their children.Final Fantasy XII makes mention that feeding them Gysahl Greens helps get rid of their musk.Chocobo breeding is a sidequest in several games, as stronger breeds able to swim and fly can reach optional areas an airship cannot.