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Each council sets an expectation of membership to begin at the 2.50 grade point average level.

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One of these vocabulary tablets contains nearly 1,000 translated words, and it has 18 duplicates.

It has long been known that scribes in Assyria copied tablets from Babylonia, but it is now established that scholars in Mesopotamia had also copied some of their tablets from the Syrian libraries.

There are lists of towns in their geographic regions, and even lists of the towns that are subject to Ebla.

Biblical towns known in later times are included, such as Ashdod and Sidon.

It appears that the city was defended by mercenaries rather than by its own army. There are literary texts with mythological backgrounds, incantations, collections of proverbs, and hymns to various deities.

Professor Pettinato conjectures that this is probably the reason why Akkad finally prevailed over Ebla. Rituals associated with the gods are referred to, many of these gods being known in Babylonian literature of a later period.

There are no less than 114 Sumerian Eblahite vocabularies, these being the first such lists recovered from any ancient site.

It is relevant to note that some of the tablets deal with judicial proceedings.

There are elaborations as to the penalties incurred when a person is injured, and there are details about various trials.

It was this writer's privilege to participate in these public functions, as well as in more private meetings with the archaeologists and with a number of leaders in the field of Biblical archaeology and Semitic studies.

What the Tablets Are All About It is probable that the 17,000 tablets so far recovered are not from the major royal archives, but are rather a collection of records that were kept near the central court.