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Bruges, capital of West Flanders, is today a real city-museum, a charming scenery filled with incredible history, although its size, there is a lot to see and do, our tour should also include a visit to museums and ancient buildings (such as the Groeninge Museum and the gothic Palace of Gruuthuse, magnificent masterpieces of Flemish architecture) and churches, cafès and shops still working according to ancient techniques; it is assumed that the manufacturing of lace started during Ancient Rome, anyway this tradition is still strongly alive and an important resource even if the city knows other growing economic sectors, it is a world famous chocolate hotspot with a variety of chocolatiers and shops and a paradise for all lovers of beer; walking through the picturesque streets of Bruges we'll be invaded by chocolate shops, pubs and lace boutiques with all kinds of gifts, it will be furthermore interesting a visit to the Lace Museum with its permanent exhibitions showing several lace varieties, a must-see for all lovers of craftsmanship of high quality.

Radiocarbon dating theory

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This disturbance coincides with the Dalton, Maunder, Sporer and Wolf and Oort minimums.In the past we had a build up of solar cycle strength immediately before Grand Minima which is due to the extra momentum in the system from N U.When we get a Grand Minima event, the next 2 cycles after are always very weak even though Angular Momentum is strong, this phenomena is still a mystery but perhaps it simply takes time to "restart the system".There are 3 phases to consider but only if the angles of J S are favorable as N U start to come together( and I am just discovering that it doesnt happen often, 1280 to now is truly a golden period), basically we have a strong lead up of solar peaks before grand minima event then if the partial line up (1st phase) is strong enough we have grand minima like we did for the Dalton, Maunder, Sporer and maybe Wolf.UPDATE Ian Wilson's latest paper now addresses these questions, see link here The Neptune, Uranus factor could be effecting the Sun is several ways, perhaps causing a slowdown in the rotational difference at the high and low latitudes thereby reducing the input to the solar dynamo.There are several papers that discuss this observed phenomena during past minima and I am currently researching the differential latitude speeds but finding the data hard to come by.Just discovered in an extension I recently finished to Carl's graph back to 900AD is another line up that also causes Grand Minima before the Medieval Warm Period, over time Jupiter and Saturn gather on the other side of Neptune & Uranus causing disturbance at the top of the "wave" and substantially shortening the "up" cycle.Neptune and Uranus are the controllers of the 2 main drivers creating angular momentum, they can add or take away that momentum.

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Note: Solar system views dont take into account the slight elliptical orbits present in the system that do contribute to the overall momentum modulation.Next we have 2 cycles of very reduced activity followed by the optimal lineup of N U J with S opposite which starts the cycle again until we get the remaining partial line up and if that is strong enough we get more grand minima action.The Sporer and Maunder experienced all 3 phases but the Dalton only endured the first 2 (the J/S angles are now weakening) and thats why we didnt get a grand minimum in SC20 (first phase, partial lineup).Answer: All planets create angular momentum and in 1882 they are nearly all lined up except U.Most notable is that there are no high peaks during times of reduced momentum.Some time ago while researching some of my interests in areas such as meteorology, the cosmos and perceived man-made global warming I came across Carl's website and in particular a very interesting graph which Carl Smith created showing an extension to Dr. After studying Carl's graph it became apparent to me that Neptune & Uranus are responsible for Solar Grand Minima as well as Solar Cycle Modulation.