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If you choose Linux hosting you can have significant server-side apps like Mambo, Nucleus, Sitebar, and the Coppermine Photo Gallery, but the list also includes some slightly off-the-wall stuff like AZDGDating Lite, which was written in Azerbaijan and allows you to mount your own online dating service.(And don't forget Magnetik Poetry, which allows your users to treat your site as a sort of virtual refrigerator door...) This isn't just about Go Daddy, either.Not all of the pricing made sense: They were selling gorgeous NOS Hammarlund 300 pf log-scale variable caps for .95, but beat-to-hell removed-from-equipment military power transformers were marked - each. So like most everything else in the world, OEM is a mixed bag, but there's nothing like it in the Springs, and if you need that sort of stuff (and are willing to dig a little for it) I recommend it highly. On reading of my concept for poultry-flavored spiral notebooks, George Ewing sent me a reference to a little-known short essay by Edgar Allen Poe, entitled "Diddling," which is about scams favored by small-time con-men.("Diddling" meant "scamming" in the 1850s.) I'll quote the pertinent paragraph in full: A neat diddle is this: A friend holds one of the diddler's promises to pay, filled up and signed in due form, upon the ordinary blanks printed in red ink. In our implementation, we commonly use a collaborative Hip Chat room to take note of new issues, which then receive their own dedicated Hip Chat room for troubleshooting and mitigation efforts.However, we find that pasting the URL of that dedicated room in the main room results in a new browser window...This is significant because of the "coffeehouse problem": connecting to the Internet securely at public hotspots.

The one I generally recommend to nontechnical people is Go Daddy, which was founded by a former PC Techniques advertiser and actually took over about half of the Coriolis office space when Coriolis closed its doors in 2002.

Any year you learn something is a good year, and this has been a good year.

Let me list a few of the things that I learned (or re-learned) in 2005: Earlier today, Pete and I went up to OEM Parts, the Colorado Springs electronics and industrial surplus junkhouse.

But Go Daddy's plans show the significant edge that Linux hosting can offer in terms of the preinstalled free software.

Take a look at the free software list for Linux hosting compared to the list for Windows hosting.