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Quick roleplay chat

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Before you start, if you want to visit the roleplay and maybe chat to a few people, or ask questions, you are welcome to come along to the OOC (out of character) room.

Details of getting connected can be found in the Help section but if you are familiar with IRC, you just need to join #Lonely_Inn_OOC on the servers and ask an Op to be voiced so you can talk there.

Those are the sorts of things which happen fairly regularly here.

If you aren't sure that is something you can watch, there are plenty of safer roleplays out there.

The roleplay evolves and actions bring consequences.

Storylines continue and there is a continuity of life in this world.

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First you will need to register a character in our database. There is an option to be male or female, and to choose a race and class.

So, if you want a roleplay where you can just play out isolated scenes that bear no relation to anything else, you are likely better going elsewhere.

But if you want to create a character that actually lives within a continually evolving world alongside others who may love, hate, fear or despise your persona depending on how they act, then this could be the place for you.

It really is for the best, however boring that seems. Then again, unlike the flashier roleplays, we are free and we let you do things they don't. You will need to create such a character, provide a description and write a short background before you can start playing. Yes, it's a wild and fairly lawless place but it isn't anarchy.

Legends of Belariath is a detailed online roleplay based on the IRC network. It should be fairly obvious then, that if you are looking for a point and click environment, we are off to a bad start already. Your character will interact with others and the world will interact with your character. Your character doesn't just pop onto the stage, play out some random acts and then pop off again with no memory of what happened the next time they show up.