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A small collection of seashells —mainly murex— has been excavated there.

Le charbon de bois et les os d’animaux étaient donc sans nul doute parasites.Des sites de production de murex ont été découverts sur tout le pourtour méditerranéen.Le présent article étudie quatre sites des Iles Baléares.Both elements were measured together and a Helium-dilution was applied for carbon as the amount of C is much greater than the amount of N in the samples. Furthermore the visual appearance of the collagen and the amount of retrieved collagen were considered (Van Strydonck et al. 0 ‰) using a Finnigan-Mat- δ isotopic mass spectrometer and the crystal structure was measured by XRD using a Bruker-D8. Bone samples from domesticated animals (goat) and murex shells from two locations were analyzed, both supposed to date from the period of the Roman purple dye production (figure 1). During the excavation a reservoir lined with mortar was found together with a lot of shells, most of them murex (Estarellas & Merino, 2005).