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Post dating checks in quickbooks

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In that case, Quick Books automatically prints the payment date specified in the “Pay Bills” window or the date specified in the “Write Checks” window as the check date.Users can print the actual check date by selecting “Preferences” from the “Edit” menu and then selecting “Checking” from the “Preferences” scroll box.Additionally, you should verify that you are not posting transactions to a date in a period that has been “closed”.Unfortunately, Quick Books allows users to post new transactions to a prior period if they have access to change or delete transactions recorded before the closing date.

In general, you should write and print checks in Quick Books to pay for goods and services for which payment is due immediately.An incorrect date can have a number of repercussions, so as you enter transactions be careful to place correct dates on current entries.If you do find an entry with a ‘bad date’ don’t just “blow through” the correction process.Your bank account balance(s) should be equal to Bank Statement Ending Balance plus Outstanding (uncleared) Deposits less Outstanding (uncleared) Checks.Quick Books automatically prefills the date field in every transaction you create (Enter Bill, Write Checks, Create Estimate, etc.) and report that you generate.Report Dates Every Quick Books report automatically specifies a default date range each time the report is created.