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Pkg updating repository catalogue no valid repository found

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The installed version of incorporation package constrains the versions of many other packages to help maintain a working, supportable image.

See Incorporation Packages for more information about packages constrained by incorporation packages.

Check whether the package you want to install is available from configured publishers and can be installed in this image.

If a newer version does exist, determine the package repository location where the newer version is available, and use the Specify more of the FMRI of the package you want to install.

The first match found might not be installable in this image, but the specific version you want to install might be installable.

For more information, invoke the command again, specifying only the package that cannot be installed, specifying the full FMRI of that package, and providing one or more command to remove that origin.

If a publisher is configured in a non-global zone, all locations for that publisher must be accessible from the global zone even if that publisher is not configured in the global zone.