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Little did I know that I was opening up a whole new world of fashion that I had never personally considered.

I decided to pick up a few pieces during one of their site-wide sales, and posed for a few shots to put up here on the blog and Facebook, and started wearing them to events, and received some surprising results.

The store's manager, Luke Potter, says: "It's one of the more popular costumes.

People really like Blitz parties and so a lot of women go as Rosie."Emily Reynolds, who runs the feminist blog Diet of Broken Biscuits, was so taken with Rosie that she recently had her tattooed alongside the word "feminist" on her thigh."I thought that she was a beautiful way to represent my feminist beliefs," says Reynolds.

Multiply that by four kids and I’m sure you’ll overstand.

She said no, and handed me a card from a pinup girl shopping site.

Rosie emerged in the Forties to cheer on women who replaced male workers who had gone to war, and has captivated us ever since.

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Escapade in London's Camden does a nice line in Rosie outfits complete with denim shirt, wig, and knotted headscarf (bulging bicep not included).I'm not surprised that Beyoncé wants to embody all the aspects of that image because that's what she's trying to get across in her music and her career."Bey joins a number of other women who have dressed up as Rosie in recent years.Pink, Parks and Recreation's Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler), and Marge Simpson have all donned the denim shirt and raised their arm in solidarity with female struggle."I love the 'power stance' she's doing; I feel like it really communicates something basic about feminism, even to someone who might not know who Rosie is. I know a little bit about her but it's less the specifics and more what she symbolises."Coughlin agrees it's a shame that Rosie's story isn't better known, despite her image being widely associated with female strength."It's great we have something iconic, but how iconic is it really?While it is true that participants were self-selected, their responses are eye-popping.