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Now you house the diamond earrings the love of my life surprised me with one summer day in the car on the way to his family's lake house, when he asked me to get him a napkin from the glove box.I didn't see any napkins -- instead, I saw a little black box, and that was so much better. The first time the woman at Claire's shot a pointy silver post through you, you were uneven.You have gotten infected so many times because twirling you around is my nervous habit.Time and time again, I've had to deal with one of the three of you because I ignored the piercer's advice and wouldn't leave you alone.

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I'm fortunate to have never experienced blatant discrimination for my piercings, but I know others have.

My piercings don't make me feel any regret or shame -- only pure love for my body.

As many as one in five Americans suffers from chronic migraine headaches, an episodic condition exacerbated by a lack of consistent treatment options.

Unprofessional, trashy, a marker of low self-esteem -- these are just a few words that I've heard used to describe my many piercings.

While our society is fortunately moving toward eliminating that language about folks who choose to pierce their bodies, we aren't there quite yet.