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In each episode the hosts help a different individual with a different story, travelling to wherever they live and using background checks and research to uncover the truth.
, or spousal support, might be on the line if you date while separated.

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) bikini that was comprised of little more than maybe 5 square inches of cloth (tops), and a few strings to hold it all together.I'd guess she was maybe a size 6, and her breasts were easily C-cups.We chatted about current events, sports, our careers, and other stuff when he piped up with "how liberal is Cindy? No one had asked me that question before, so I asked him "can you define liberal? He smiled, and said he hoped I wouldn't be offended, but said that his wife Sandy was also rather fond of women.When they arrived, Sandy looked outside their window down at the pool after they checked in, saw Cindy sunbathing, and insisted on heading for the pool immediately.I know This isn’t a good pics for her crazy fans who believed she would never do this, but FAME!

Cindy and I were hanging around the pool area and patio, but as the pool wasn't terribly great for lap swimming, one could still get exercise.

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Tom laughed, said that Sandy would take it slow, would very likely find out, adding that she usually preferred younger women, but that Cindy just blew her away when she first saw her.

I smirked at that comment, saying that I'd had the same reaction when I met her myself.