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Parents legally prevent dating

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What if she thought the friend was a bad political or religious influence?Should a restraining order in such a nonsexual case be available against the friend, the friends mother (if the friends mother was trying to rekindle the girls friendship), both, or neither?What if they ride the same bus to and from school -- does the bus driver now have to police contact between them?How, exactly, do you enforce a restraining order in such a situation?Also, what parent of teenagers actually believes something like a piece of paper will prevent kids from talking to each other?

My sister was stalked for a period of about 2 years.(this was back in the early 80's) She was stalked by a man she dated two times and then when he started talking about their wedding, on their second date, she told him she wasn't interested. She worked the night shift and he followed her to work at PM, sat in the parking lot and followed her home.(she was a computer programmer at the time) Occasionally she would come out and her tires would be slashed. Okay, let's say Boy A is into Girl B, but she's not into him.I'm not even convinced that restraining orders between legal adults are really all that effective.They only give recourse to the victim when the intended target of restraint breaks the order.Add also the phone calls where nobody would speak on the other end. Is the school now required to put them in different sections of the class?