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Ouran highschool host club dating sim game online

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progresses in a manner similar to the manga and anime.

While you’re going through a month and a half period of time, you’re also going through five “episodes.” Each one offers a mini-story filled with humor and drama.

Both games borrow strong elements from the dating sim genre, though classified as a "romantic adventure" game. one of six options to best entertain a particular guest: the appropiate time to serve refreshments, talk about "himself," ask about the guest, find a conversation topic, or say nothing.

A request quota must be met by the end of the game.

She then continues to attend Ouran, dressed as a boy and working in the Host Club, garnering customer requests, in order to pay off the debt. Haruhi’s a host, and she’s working in the club alongside the guys.

Along the way, the club will encounter adventures with Haruhi’s childhood friend Sayuri, a outing in a water park, and a challenge by a rival high school host club chaired by Tamaki’s childhood friend Jean-Pierre Leo.

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Then the club members, one by one, discover that Haruhi is a girl.

This is accomplished by sitting with Host Club guests and entertaining them.

When you sit down with a girl, or a girl and another host, six topic icons pop up.

It also isn’t totally a visual novel and otome game.

While it’s true that you’re trying to ideally shoot for an ending with one of the six hosts, you’re also struggling to meet a certain request quota by the end of the game.