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Osl age dating

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Elles indiquent que tous les sédiments étudiés sont plus jeunes que 1500 ans ap. A partir de ces données une histoire complexe de phases de dépôt et d’incision est reconstituée sur les 500 dernières années.

Il apparaît que l’aggradation est principalement liée à la forte fourniture sédimentaire issue des labours.

Low levels of radioactive isotopes in the sediment lead to very slow saturation of quartz and feldspar grains by released electrons and so ages in excess of 500 ka may be possible.

Typically OSL techniques produce ages from one or two hundred years to about 400 ka with an error of around 10%.

Différents traitements statistiques visant à extraire les doses équivalentes moyennes des distributions des doses sont comparés pour estimer l’effet de la variété du blanchiment du signal OSL antérieur au dépôt.

Deux approches conduisent à des âges OSL cohérents entre eux et bien corrélés à des dates radiocarbone.

These sediments are expected to be incompletely bleached, but all have age control from historical records.

Modifications were made to allow the use of the standard CAM and MAM models with dose distributions containing near zero and negative dose values.

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We then present a detailed analysis of the effect of an additional uncertainty added to the individual dose estimates on the burial dose estimates from the MAM and the IEU approach.

As the OSL of a sediment is quickly lost when exposed to sunlight (tens of seconds) many sediments are bleached (lack an OSL signal) when deposited and buried.

After deposition these sediments accumulate luminescence which can be measured allowing the age of burial to be determined.

The decline of agricultural land use from about 1915 onwards decreased sediment supply, while the increase of urbanisation from about 1950 amplified the flow energy of flooding by pluvial waters and overflows from storm basins, causing the presently ongoing incision in the area that began about AD 1975.

Des datations par OSL (Optically Stimulated Luminescence) sont utilisées pour reconstituer la chronologie de phases d’aggradation et d’incision dans un sous-bassin élémentaire du bassin de l’Yzeron (France).