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NET MVC4 for the CRUD application and Brightstar DB for data storage. NET MVC 4 Web Application” from the list of project types in Visual Studio.

NET MVC, we will use the well-known “Nerd Dinner” tutorial used by . We won’t recreate the full Nerd Dinner application, but just a portion of it, to show how to use Brightstar DB for code-first data persistence, and show how it not only matches the ease of creating applications from scratch, but surpasses Entity Framework by introducing pain free model changes (more on that later). Nerd Dinner sample application shows a simple model layer, using ASP.

Save Changes(); In order to show the speed at which objects can be created, persisted and index in Brightstar DB, the console application creates 100 users, each with 500 tweets.

These additional attributes are automatically added to the classes generated by the Brightstar DB Entity Framework.

The Tweet Box sample is a simple console application that shows the speed in which Brightstar DB can load content. The only thing you will need to ensure is that if you are using an HTTP, TCP or Named Pipe connection, the Brightstar DB service must be running: New Item on the Models folder, and select Brightstar Entity Context from the Data category.

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Note that we have changed the type of the id parameter from int to string.

You must also install the “Visual Web Developer” feature in Visual Studio to be able to open and work with MVC projects. In the next dialog box, select “Empty” for the template type, this mean that the project will not be pre-filled with any default controllers, models or views so we can show every step in building the application. Leave the “Create a unit test project” box unchecked, as for the purposes of this example project it is not needed.

In later sections we will extend this basic functionality with support for linked data in the form of both OData and SPARQL query support and we will show how to use Brightstar DB as the basis for a . This tutorial is quite long, but is broken up into a number of separate sections each of which you can follow along with in code, or you can refer to the complete sample application which can be found in [INSTALLDIR]\Samples\Nerd Dinner. If you do not already have MVC 4 installed you can download it from

The tweets have a many to many relationship with Hashtags, as a Tweet can have zero or more Hashtags, and a Hashtag may appear in more than one Tweet. We create the two interfaces as shown below in the Models folder of our project.

IUser The IUser interface represents a user on Twitter, with simple string properties for the username, bio (profile text) and date of registration. IDinner.cs: By default, Brightstar DB identifier properties are automatically generated URIs that are automatically.