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I'm not say anything about Amy, just the term "humble pie." (NT) -- Tiki-Java, 08/29/17 Tue Amy is a beautiful women with strong pageant experience. This Miss USA demonstrates a look that reminds me of past beauties from Somolia and/or Etheopia. That's matters more than how you photograph at appearances.I judged her, what I remember is her beautiful face and what a figure. (NT) -- ICEMAN, 08/28/17 Mon Iris' body is bangin, c'est tre excellent! (NT) -- Verimint, 08/28/17 Mon I know there is no titleholder whom absolutely everyone loves, but I'm wondering who you think are the most universally agreed-upon winners of the past 20 years. Miss USA 2004 Shandi Finnessey 2008 Crystle Stewart Miss Universe 1998 Wendy Fitzwilliam 2000 Lara Dutta [ Post a Reply to This Message ]I agree with your USA ones but not your Universe ones.If your club is open for membership and would like to be listed below, please contact us at [email protected] club has one tournament a month (Saturday or Sunday) with a two day tournament in the month of October. We also have a two person scramble at the end of the year. Our club has one tournament a month (Saturday or Sunday) with a two day tournament in the month of October.We also have a Club Championship that uses points that add up from your participation during the year.

First would be Yvonne mainly because she looks like she could sing with ABBA!! Whatever happened to nipple cover-up stickers and tape.Actually better than the alley shots downstairs that MUO was working for awhile.(NT) -- Say no to selfies and improptu photoshoots while walking to Starbucks with the interns #basic, 11/08/17 Wed I assume she is "cramming" to get her teeth fixed before prelims and will remove the braces before then. Armaghan has a great headshot and could take it home depending on the weekend.It's one my favorite transformations from a crowning to the following year. I was actually surprised how many "not as big chested" women there are and the girls in this don't all look the same, unlike the main miss venezuela that osmel sousa runs. (NT) -- Most of the time starting at age 14, 09/02/17 Sat I'm all for using men as "props" on stage but a) they should be shirtless, b) they should have had some simple moves they could have kept repeating with each just strange looking. However, this may all change when we see their professional close ups & EG's ;) (NT) -- Groove, 08/29/17 Tue I loved Caroline Campbell as teen. -- Farouk, 08/28/17 Mon Nia is ridiculously consistent in photos.(NT) -- Tiki-Java, 08/26/17 Sat No, "Humble Pie" means eating a slice of humbleness, or rather, an arrogant person has had to humble themselves. She was 1st runner up in Miss Illinois Teen USA few years back and I think she was runner up in another year too. (NT) -- g Ag A_x (nsi), 08/30/17 Wed Different opinion here... Beautiful in a unconventional way (much like I thought of Melinda Bam of South Africa). While I don't think this is best photo of all of thirst winners, I do think they were all excellent stage performers.If a search doesn't give you the result you desire, modify your search input or click "All Clubs" (WARNING: choosing All Clubs may take some time to load).