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This was so costly that only kings and wealthy nobles could afford garments dyed with it. From this city's name come the Greek word biblia (books) and the English word Bible.
It is a buzzing Mediterranean centre whose 1 million inhabitants are a fascinating cocktail of apparently conflicting characteristics.

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They have ambiguous feelings towards the sexual act.Generally, it is a means to an end and the act itself is meaningless, and provides no emotional connections.He will explain that his other sexual partners are nothing to him, meaningless, that he is merely taking advantage of them.He insists they do not constitute a threat and should not be taken seriously by his spouse.Narcissists feel superior and more important than others; they feel entitled to be above the law and entitled to engage in behaviors that are considered socially undesirable or unacceptable.They reject and intensely resent all limitations or conditions placed upon them by their partners.There is another very different type of narcissist.The cerebral narcissist feels that sex is demeaning and degrading.

Marriage, monogamy, and child rearing are common activities sought after by the average person.He feels that acting on one’s sex drive is a primitive and common impulse.The cerebral narcissist tells himself that he is above all that, endowed as he is with superior intellect and superior self-control.He uses sex to conquer and secure new sources of narcissistic supply.For the narcissist, sex is a mechanical act, devoid of intimacy and commitment.The more difficult the target is, the more power and control they feel.