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Here she was again holding the pieces of her broken heart in her trembling hands.

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The material takes visitors on a journey, revealing the amusing and surprisingly unconservative views of sexologists from different decades On the right is a cylindrical lekythos from Greece, with black figures engaging in sexual acts decorating the outside created 550BCE-500BCE.

On the left are Jugum penises, anti-masturbation devices that had jagged metal rings fitted to the base of the penis used in 1880-1920Opening with the Nazi burning of archives amassed by Magnus Hirschfeld’s Institut für Sexualwissenschaft in Berlin, it explores how Hirschfeld’s material on homosexuality was assembled against prevailing social codes.

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Another room, called ‘The Lab’ points to the bespoke laboratory William Masters and Virginia Johnson secretly established at Washington University to observe and record hundreds of individuals having sex.

Sculptures showing people having sex are among the items on display at the Wellcome Collection's exhibition.

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