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As observed on the Membership page, our monthly meetings usually feature a Turn by one of the Members.

These can take many forms, but often manifest themselves as addresses on diverse esoteric subjects.

Fortunately there was no shortage of “interesting” drinkers in Soho and the club was soon home to the YBAs such as Damian Hirst, Sarah Lucas, Tracey Emin and others.

Wojas also started music nights when the likes of Billy Bragg and Suggs would play, and also “celebrity barman” nights when Kate Moss and Sam Taylor-Wood took a turn behind the counter.

Recently I was chatting to a member about an acquaintance of his. A “confirmed bachelor” of the Joe Orton cottaging type, Driberg used to turn up at the club with a different young man in tow every week.

Breezily describing the youngster as “one of my constituents” he used to dismiss the youth with a handful of coins and an order to go and play on the fruit-machine.

She bequeathed the place to her barman, Ian Board (known as “Ida”), who was if anything even ruder than her, and who sported a magnificent purple nose courtesy of his fondness for brandy.

When Ian Board pegged out in 1994 the club was taken over by his barman, Michael Wojas.

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The only criterion for membership was that one wasn’t “fucking boring”.

Muriel Belcher was not exactly welcoming and was known for her sharp tongue.

All members, whatever their sex, were addressed as “Mary”.

For many celebs, such as Dennis Hopper, David Bowie and Tennessee Williams, the Colony Room was the place they wanted to drink in when in London.

Even Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon used to pop in.