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Your mission is to find out who he is — all while balancing school, friends, and romance.
La plongée sous-marine est aujourd'hui une activité très populaire mais de nombreux sports aquatiques et sous-marins se développent depuis quelques années, on pense notamment à la plongée en apnée, la chasse sous-marine, le snorkeling, le swimrun...

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Her response seemed to be a little legalistic in nature and wrong for her to retaliate in such a way to such a courteous request from a close friend.

If my friends know this about me, it makes be wonder how this woman's serious suitor was surprised to find she wanted to wait to kiss! Everyone is different regarding kissing before marriage. It is something you can find out about a person while you are friends.

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QUESTION: A younger relative of mine was recently seriously rebuffed by his lady friend (they are both in their 30's) for asking if he could kiss her.

With our grade schools handing out condoms to alleviate the problem of teen pregnancy, the “appropriateness of kissing” conversation doesn’t even show up on the relational conduct radar of young people these days.

Bottom line is your relative she wanted him to like most men do.