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With technology as versatile and as accessible as chatbots, it seems like everyone can benefit from them.

The first of three ideas, chatbots for parents could allow for unobtrusive communication between generations, and could possibly allow parents to bypass the invisible filter that turns real, verbal conversations into automated one word responses.

Loneliness is a concern for the elderly community, and as some have pointed out, replacing a human health care assistant with a bot, as a technological band aid for a much deeper problem is not the solution we need.

There seems to be other views, that say chatbots can be part of the solution.

In the last year or two, companies have brought the technology to us.

Platforms that allow you to build your own chatbots are giving you the paintbrush and the canvas, and asking you to be the artist.

Endurance has launched an open source project for the development of a chatbot that can be a companion for senior people, and people with Alzheimer’s disease.

The English based version was launched this year, and can ask questions and respond to a variety of topics.

A recently added feature on Messenger, called Messenger Day (similar to Snapchat Stories), has become more popular with teens than was expected when the feature was rolled out earlier this year.

It is likely that chatbots are also going to be a feature of your child’s social media life, and a parent bot could easily fit into this routine.6.