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The 5-year-old girl said that he also put “poop” on her toothbrush and brushed her teeth so hard that he caused her to bleed.
Those might be associated with wanting or having sex; by things happening to you, such as ageing, accidents, illness or children, which may affect your sexual relationship; or those things that are to do with each of you as individuals that may affect how you are or see yourself as a sexual being.

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The educator has been dismissed after the clip recently became viral onilne.

The footage was uploaded to a student forum named 'Sichuan high school headlines' on Weibo on June 9.

There has been broad ongoing discussions about the decriminalisation of street based sex work but no action from government.

A teacher at a Chinese university has been accused of hitting students with an iron rod because they were late for class.

Disturbing footage, which emerged last week, showed the male teacher beating seven female students on the hand in Chengdu, south-west China.

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He became an extremely skillful metalsmith and was appointed master of the mint under King Clotaire II of Paris.