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In 1994, at the early age of 11, Shun started his acting career in a children's theater. It didn't really hit me because I was watching RMPW because of Yuki Furukawa. His is the reason why i like j drama rather than k drama.

He then made his debut in television at the age of 13, in the 1995 NHK drama "Hachidai Shogun Yoshimune." Since then Shun has appeared in many television dramas, usually in supporting roles. But I bumped into Hana Yori Dango, and I went like "I saw this face" (Pertaining to Hanazawa Rui) And yep, he was the guy from RMPW. He always tries to potray himself differently with different roles instead of being an actor with just looks and no talent. As much I love Oguri Shun in both Hana Kimi and RMPW, I was really disappointed after reading those cheating scandals.

Shun Oguri was born in Tokyo, Japan on December 26, 1982. I'll still support you Guri even if you have 12 children or you're 60 yrs old!

He came from a family of five and Shun is the youngest child (one older brother and older sister). Shun's parents picked the name "Oguri Shun" after a fortuneteller predicted a lifetime of good fortune for the child if the parents chose that name. The first time I saw Guri was on Rich man, Poor woman. (though I consider him the BEST) I can't describe how this guy is really great. (c)Mrs Furukawa - Twitter serious respect to his guy.

Lastly I saw him in Crows Zero and fucking fell in love with him. thank you so much for being a sensitive and sensible actor; which gives one an idea about who you are as a person.

The highlight wasn't the movie itself, but getting an opportunity to see actor and now director Shun Oguri live in person. Some of the dramas overlooked of his that i recommend everyone watch is Border and Ouroburous!! This year Nobunaga Concerto was one of my favourites. His acting is zuper, from sweet princey, charismatic teen gang leader, badass samurai, smart Police, hilarious but kind hearted daimyo to cool yakuza and many other various roles. Despite his personal live scandals, all in all he is a very good and talented actor. Spotted him on Crows Zero and fell head over heels for this guy. He's not 'that kind' handsome, but I'll never get enough of his face. i just saw his performance in 'To Daisuke in Heaven' and it was the first time after watching hundreds of dramas that i sat there crying and so full of emotions that i couldn't even watch him because it was so real! i've seen some of your movies or dramas and i hope to see more of it, if not all;l but since i don't speak or understand Japanese, i will have to wait for all of it to be sold @amazon with english translations.I dont think you are only handsome that's the word i use for my other faviourates rather i think you are perfect in all sense !! And I can't help myself but to smile knowing that both Jun Matsomoto and him were cast in both dramas I mention above....:-) You really nailed it!!!! And haven't he received awards a lot more than mentioned above? Though am so sad that he's married but I wish you all the best, Shun Oguri! Whenever I'm tired of K-Drama 'pretty' boys, I'll watch his dorama again. I love him sooooo much I would love if he would once in a while would do some rom/com movies or dramas I have seen most of his movies and dramas where his acting is soooo fab wishing him to do some dramas with sweetness and happiness in it also he has and always will my first fav Japanese actor ever. you give your fans the reason to fall for your characters not because you tried to play cute but you embody them.Shun did not want to become typecasted as just an attractive face and, consequently, sought a variety of different roles in future films - most notably "Sakuran", "Kisaragi," "Sukiyaki Western Django," and "Crows: Episode 0". they are all good in their own way so PLEASE stop these stupid comments about he is ugly or what!!! then hanakimi..i dont know its you...-_-‘ (Sorry) After that ive become your fan and keep following the movies Hope you read that^^ it's an honor to be able to write this message for you and i really do hope you could take some time out to read them, as we are all your fans.In 2010, Shun made his debut as a director in the feature film "Surely Someday." Shun is just bloody amazing in everything he is in, honestly! his performance Captivated me ever since and im totally hooked by the personality he potrays in majority of his movies.. he's a good actor and he deserves eveything he has right now.! i would like to commend you for being such a fine seemed to be a level-headed person, reserved, pleasant, and has a good sense of humor. and lastly, thank you for taking time to read this do read them; but nonetheless, thank you for just acknowledging that you have fans who cheer for you, who encourage you, and believe in you.