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This client was all-new, and it definitely had bugs. For a full feature list, check the now-updated client comparison table: Client Comparison Tables for Skype for Business Server 2015 (Just remember to uninstall Lync for Mac first. Leveraging the Skype4B community is a good way to hunt them down quickly. And the Skype Preview client, if you tried that out! Fortunately, the new Mac client installed & ran smoothly. Somebody didn’t do their update…) So what do we have for our Mac friends?Download Skype for Business on Mac here: Skype for Business on Mac – Microsoft Download Center (Curious note: Microsoft has a page up for Skype for Business apps: Download Skype for Business across all your devices. The new client is, I’d say, a fair and equitable companion to the Windows Skype for Business client.Through which device will you make & receive calls?On Windows, Skype for Business lets you choose this in the same 2 places as Call Forwarding.On Mac, Skype for Business only lets you do this in Preferences, under Audio/Video.By default, Instant Messaging windows open in the main Skype for Business window, under “Chats.” Chats also serves as Conversation History in the Mac client.

It might be great for some people but the little grey boxes annoy me and it annoys me further that there isn’t a quick way to remove the integration from Outlook. My first attempt at removal after cruising through the Skype menus was to delete the newly added registry key at \HKEY_CURRENT_USERS\Software\IM Providers\Default IMApp (Skype sets the value to ‘Skype’ and also adds some sub keys). Still determined not to have the status / presence indicator showing in Outlook, I had to find something else to set the Default IMApp value to… Which actually led me to finding some notable differences between client versions. You can set Call Forwarding options in 2 places on Windows – in Skype for Business’ Options, and in the Call Forwarding dropdown along the bottom of the Windows client.In keeping with the Mac’s “streamlined UI” motif, several items you’d find right away in the Windows client aren’t showing in the Mac client. The latter option is not available in Skype4B on Mac.If you’re logged into Skype for Business with one account, but logged into Outlook with another, Skype Meeting functionality doesn’t come up in Outlook.Even when you’re logged in with the same account, you may need to use the “Online Meeting” button to add Skype Meeting URLs/dial-in numbers to a Meeting invite. Microsoft has at last released the new Mac client for Skype for Business. But I was on vacation.) As soon as I saw the announcement, I grabbed a copy and one of our test Macs.