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So if you’re to sext, which you are, you might as well do it safely.Leaving aside the potential moral/legal/etiquette problems with sexting, of which there are admittedly many, digital nudes suffer two main privacy problems.

All in all, it's easy to see what Meow Chat has become so popular so quickly, but it seems like the app is not completely harmless - especially for younger users.

On a Windows computer, that’s as easy as uploading your photos, opening the “properties” window, and clicking the link that says “remove properties and personal information.” (More details on that process here.) On a Mac, you can use the free software Image Optim — it will also, as an added bonus (! At this point, you should have a sexy, disembodied photo that (a) is not visually identifiable as you and (b) includes no incriminating EXIF data.

Now — if you’re really still serious about this — it’s time to send the thing.

Many attempts have, famously, been made at the former.

Snapchat, the app that makes photos “self-destruct” after a few seconds, was a popular haven for sexters before someone discovered that screenshots could be taken secretly, without notifying the sender.