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Thank you so much for putting this information together. Meanwhile, digital channels, although growing rapidly, were thought to be the domain of low-value, low-cost transactions and little else.

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dont have any damage shields up because if they land a blow will take awhile to lose agro...Once you make some distance FD and con them to make sure you are indifferent still...Spawn the pallies as they approach the ring they will start buffing and stand guard...position yourself out at max range (they will all con indiffent) cast darkness on the Frog pally (it will stick, never tried the others) then run in a straight path away...

then go buy quiver patterns (sold in pok for nearly nothing) and go buy or farm some high quality cat pelts, very common in east karana or usually a bunch in bazarre for 20 plat each (pretty inexpensive).i personally think middle of the road is better then all ac or all hps, depending on what you killing. character Id=536870930240 Can you even zone in to those zones? look at me look at me i have 4100 ac and gimp hp's, i dont tank anything requiring that much ac until all the real tanks are dead and we need time to camp a cleric. And sadly, some really do put hp augs in their weapons and shields.kiting or no damage off tanking sure, the eye is great for, sadly running in circles like a pansy has become one of the few role's sk have on raids now. ya ya, I did it to show someone something, and because I have that setup a lot when kiting 20 red mobs in some events. I'm perfectly happy knowing that 21k tanks with 3k ac die to mobs that I can solo toe to toe with 18khp and 4k ac.1 night i did the farming for the sheeth (hate was kind of a pain as all the adds are more than annoying) and skill upped tailoring to 100.The hides from Po N were kinda crappy too, 4 spawn on the platform past the hobgoblin camp. go to Po K buy mandrake root(every item listed is vendor except high quality cat pelts) combine 2 at a time in a sowing kit to lvl 66. Then go get smithing up to 37 doing combine of waterflask, file, and small brick of ore (all sold in pok for nearly nothing) that yields steel boning.And when they die to the big mobs on raids, it's us that can snap agro and hold it, and actually live long enough for the healers to switch over. Pain Mistress Okami L`Assundre of Tarew Marr Dark Elf Shadow Knight Drinal (Tarew) Retired after 500 days /played Deleted num=96950 Retired againdid the math the clicky heals you for 80% of melee dealt...for tanking with it...warriors have now started shield tanking cuz they've seen that us sk's were taking less dmg with 1hs and shield combo...