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In other words he just wants one thing and I'm not having it! Date an Aries guy for two years I was practically his personal clown always trying to spice things up. Sagittarius -- rock, I really can't find fault with em. i'll be the first to say i thought it was all a crock of sh*t but after flirting with my neighbor for 3 years and asking her out just to be turned down every time i started looking into it. not saying all astrology is right but theres got to be something behind it because id tried everything i could think of to get her into a bedroom trust me.

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and he would usually text either everyday or never go more than 2 days with a "how ya doing gorgeous" or " what you doin today? maybe hes just over me know reading how aries men get bored easily :( Have you tried ignoring him? I think she likes me, she's said so before, but I just can't read women very well. So to Libra women, play hard to get and you will have an aries for as long as you sting him along..don't tell her that! A lot of these are very truthful in regards to an aries male personality. First when its over eg...(why you havent heard from him in awhile) is because he doesnt care about you its over. He DOES NOT like beautiful strong independant women no matter what you read. I am now picking up the pieces to my emotional life. He was a charmer, chameleon, cassanova a sexual deviant, and a con artist. I started to know aries man in one month only( we are different nationalities), what i observe his type is who talk straight forward, nice and kind person, likes activities, sports, fun and party guy, almost hang out with his friend but till now he try to find out the time to meet me and take initiative to see me in other ways during both of us are in conflict schedule.I was willing to accept his family and his children in my life Yes, yes and there was more then 2 kids involved but that didn't matter because I loved him but he kept playing these games like he didn't want to commit. please anyone respond I don't want to waste my time. Maybe because my birth day is March 22nd on the cusp I can not relate to all the accusations that has been made accordingly to an Aries man. walking with the Lord and living your life in a Godly manner.Yet it was okay 4 me 2 tell my family and friends that were in a relationship. Also, I guess I have a deep passion for being tight with Jesus. I think a praying man does breal the MOLD of any zodiac sign. Maybe because my birth day is March 22nd on the cusp I can not relate to all the accusations that has been made accordingly to an Aries man. More men regardless of their astrological sign could learn alot from you.Aries are hateful when it comes 2 how they knw they are hurting you and the mor you let them know, the less they care.It's sad that they are so needy and selfish they entr a relationshp4 attention, sex and stability but then again have no loyalty to anything but themselves.2 of them sucked balls but the one from the guy who runs this website... told me what the problem was and how to get around it. that still cracks me up :] Most women know right away when they meet a guy whether she will have sex with him or not.