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It’s not clear how many have actually fallen victim to the scam to date, but the prevalence of sign-up websites seem to indicate its popularity.

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Most people are respectable locker room citizens, but there are a few exceptions: Cover up in the steam room or sauna. Cover yourself up, and keep those hands above the towel, please.

I'm extremely lucky; I belong to a gym with a decent-sized locker room that has a sauna, steam room and clean showers.

Many famous men, including football player Bret Lockett, actor Steve-O, rapper Waka Flocka Flame, and goalkeeper Tim Howard, have stripped down to make a difference for animals as well.

Thanks to them, countless people visited our website to learn more about the issues and find out what they can do to help animals.

When it comes to weight/cardio training I'm not going to get judgmental and bash exercises, such as the upright row (sorry, that's the one I really dislike), but there are some rules. You are not a professional athlete and this is not your personal gym. I understand the need to drop a bunch of weight on the floor, especially with a heavy dead lift.

And, as noted above, do not shave in the steam room, unless you're in your own house. If there's no line, sure take your time, but when there's a bunch of dudes waiting to use a shower, it's just rude, especially at lunch when people are rushing to get back to the office.

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The smart, compassionate men and women who pose “naked” for PETA choose to do so because they support the cause and want to take action to help animals.

fame, and features Nathan Lane, Gabriel Byrne, and Frances Conroy as washed-up actors who’ve lost their passion.

Wilkof described the meaning behind the title in an interview with BBW back in September: Agentless young actors would go circle the ads we thought we were right for. It’s metaphorical, for actors—they don’t always make a lot of money but they wind up baring their souls if nothing else.

I sent it to Nathan, expecting to wait for a response.

But the next day he told me, ‘I love this.'” He was on board.