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After all, I shop there, I used to work as a Software Developer and I am a heavy AWS user (raking up well over 0/month)It all began with a rather innocuous email: At first, I assumed it might be a mistake or a delayed email from the time I contacted them months earlier.But curiosity got the better of me, and I contacted Amazon to ask what it was about.And I will be contacted by a specialist (never happened, again)This time I decide I can no longer trust Amazon with my address, and delete it from my account.Fast forward another day: This time, I can’t get a transcript of the conversation.I again contact Amazon to reiterate how important it is that they keep my account secure, and not give out my details to anyone with a name and address.They promise they’re putting a note on my account, and it’ll never happen again.

When doing this on the i Phone, the phone vibrates when it detects the card numbers.They told me that “I” had a conversation with Amazon support? It was a text-chat, and they emailed me a transcript:.It’s just a fake address of a hotel that was in the same zip code where I lived.Fast forward a couple of months, I made the big mistake of thinking the risk was gone, giving Amazon my fresh credit card and now new address details. This time I had the pleasure of dealing with a support agent who seemed 100% incapable of realizing that someone was impersonating me.I had trouble keeping my composure when he told me I should change my password to prevent people impersonating me.That’s because most systems come with a backdoor, customer support.