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For example, Crowley (1993) found a U-shaped relationship between arousal and color wavelength: When you’re exposed to warm colors (e.g., red, orange), you experience an immediate biological reaction. People tend to “like” colors with shorter wavelengths.So let’s integrate that finding with the previous graph.They wanted to study their preference for pink over time. As children grew older, girls became increasingly attracted to pink, whereas boys became increasingly distant of pink (Lo Bue & Deloache, 2011). According to that theory, we develop preferences for colors, based on our emotional experiences with those colors over time. In one study, a researcher paired different colored pens with pleasant or unpleasant music. The answer lies in associative network theory (Bower, 1981). Either way, you’ll attribute a new meaning to the color blue. People attribute different (and sometimes contradictory) meanings to the same color, depending on various factors. Do those people have frequent experience with a particular color? However, if you expand internationally, you’ll need to research culture-specific colors before you (a) distribute your product or (b) create marketing campaigns targeted toward specific ethnicities.At the end of the experiment, participants were more likely to take home a colored pen that was paired with pleasant music (Gorn, 1982). Instead of thinking about it in terms of clothing, think about it in terms of toys: . That new association, in turn, can influence your perception and behavior. We’ll revisit that answer later, so keep this concept in mind (pun intended). Too many psychology “gurus” attach specific meanings to specific colors. And we’ll go over those meanings in a later section. Certain colors might possess harmful meanings in that culture.

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So hopefully these color meanings will be more accurate than the commentary you’ll find elsewhere. But if you want to see the academic studies comprising this table, you can refer to Table 3.2 in Labrecque (2010).

I wanted to include that table because some of you will be looking for that information.

However, So don’t rely entirely on the information in that table.

If you’re only interested in color meanings, you can skip to this table.

However, this article explores color psychology in much greater detail — with many other applications.