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Nfl rules on dating cheerleaders

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Maybe you feel like taking advantage of young women like Sarah just because you Banish those thoughts from your mind. It's the NCAA and its member schools, collecting billions in television revenue and handing out multimillion-dollar coaching and athletic director contracts while colluding to restrain the pay of building valuable online properties on the backs of unpaid writers; media giants, Hollywood studios and others milking unpaid "interns" who do employee-level work.

The truth is, everyone's doing it, in ways big and small, to greater and lesser degrees. It's companies reclassifying de facto employees as "independent contractors" to dodge Social Security and worker's compensation costs; it's retailers and fast food restaurants screwing employees out of overtime pay; and even the San Francisco Giants shorting dozens of clubhouse and administrative workers out of more than 0,000 in wages. Plenty of people will defend you, including the very people you're exploiting. At the end of our conversation, she told me that she wanted to remain anonymous. "I might want to try out for another team again," she says.

And if you want to exploit them completely, use theirs.

The most important thing to understand about being a cheerleader for a NFL organization is that cheerleaders represent the company organization and the image it wants to convey.

A few years ago, she joined a professional cheer squad. Over a seven-month period, she made more than a dozen public appearances with the cheer squad, promoting ... Her expenses for the year totaled more than ,500.

As far as she knows, no one was paid for that time. She appeared in a swimsuit calendar and sold at least 100 copies herself -- didn't see a dime. At the end of the NFL season, Sarah claims, she finally received a paycheck, for a whopping 5.

It be exploitation, they'll insist, not when people are lining up for your non-job jobs. "I have to think about it." And therein lies the real trick.

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[They wouldn't comment for this story either.] But a group of former Raiderettes took to social media and local and national news to publicize their own perspectives on the team. The gig required Sarah to take fitness classes, maintain a winter tan, get her hair and makeup done by professionals. She spent six to eight hours a week practicing dance routines with her teammates. Sometimes, she felt beautiful, she says, like she was "the epitome of the All-American girl." Then reality set in.During her first cheer squad meeting, Sarah says, each member of the team was given a handout ranking the entire team from highest to lowest, in categories like "best hair," "overall facial beauty" and "swimsuit physique." "There were a lot of tears," she says. "We didn't want to lose a spot on the team." Cheerleading, like many industries, is a numbers game rigged against the talent."It was like 10 pages long, with charts and diagrams. To a girl in her early 20s, that will kill you." Sarah and her teammates also were given the result of a body-composition exam. The number of attractive young women who would like to cheer is far greater than the number of available roster spots. "We didn't want to make waves," Kilpatrick told the . I knew if I left -- or complained -- there were 100 other women out there who wanted to take my spot." Make some rules. Tell cheerleaders to "shake hands for about three seconds, be firm, and be web to web," keep nail polish pads in their cars "for emergencies," and "strategically move" meals they dislike around their dinner plates.First, the more rules you have, the more fines you can levy when your inevitably break them.