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Guess what: The person who slightly intimidates you is also the person who will constantly keep your attention.

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Picking who you want to be your waifu can mean several things.

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If you like the demo please checkout the greenlight page.--- As for a quick life update, it's kinda weird but my old status post is still pretty relevant (even if it's a year old haha).It's hard to keep up with everything here when you've gotta be an adult 24/7 -__-;; I still work on games and such on the side, but it can get pretty hard.And luckily art stuff for an entry for The Somewhere Series was salvaged, so that'll probably be the first thing that I try to finish once I get time.But I do wonder sometimes, what sort of stories would you like to see/read? I'll perhaps put a bit of a tutorial in future games.