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Network threat protection not updating

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Traditional security solutions tend to focus on particular devices or protocols and cannot provide a broad-based solution that covers all devices and applications.Blue Cat Threat Protection leverages the pervasiveness of DNS to stop malicious activities before they can reach business-critical applications or data.Whether the device is in a fixed location, or is mobile and lives beyond the walls of your enterprise, it can be protected from accessing malicious content.The coordinated use of multiple, complementary security countermeasures is key to enterprise defense in depth strategies.Gathering intelligence on advanced and targeted attacks that hit your networks is vital, but it’s not enough.Cisco Umbrella gives you the power to block newly-detected threats beyond the network perimeter, everywhere your employees work.

These appliances have great visibility within your corporate network environment. Today, mobile employees bypass their VPN agents for a variety of reasons.

Users simply subscribe their DNS servers to the security feed, which is automatically delivered through DNS and continuously updated to block threats as they emerge.

Securing applications and devices through DNS does not require an architectural shift.

Then, Umbrella validates and enforces these IOCs on any device.

The growth in the number and type of new devices connecting to the network has exposed holes in typical enterprise security.