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Since first meeting each other nearly 20 years ago, Bey and Jay have become one of the most successful, famous, richest and adored couples in the world.

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You feel like shit and this is not working for you. The time for squeezing yourself into a corner is over. The second you stop spending time with people who are dying to show you that you’re not quite there yet, you’re not quite good enough, you’re not quite exciting or special enough, that’s when you’ll know that YOU HAVE ARRIVED.

If I mentioned a man from my past — who didn’t even live in the state — she would do the same. And then, recently, the tool bag of a human who publicly made me feel shitty started seeing her, in a sneaky but also super-obvious way.

Run away from this scary motherfucker right now and never look back! You’ve got to realize how confident you are, deep inside, in the absence of garbage people.

Explain or don’t explain; it makes no fucking difference. It’s possible that your ego is a healthy ego, and it’s telling you that this woman’s behavior is unacceptable.

Anyway, that all sucked, but I survived, and then in college I lost weight.

The world may see me differently now, but I still struggle, too.