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Sorry for the lull dear readers, I had to take a business trip to London, via Switzerland naturally. Interesting to see the power cuts in MQ & Shatti occuring regularly of late.Oman may be tendering for more power stations and foreign investment in the power sector, but as electricity is highly subsidised here, I'm curious who is going to pay the market price for that power and give the investors a reasonable return?The whole thing begins with them trying to be nice and funny (sometimes the scene is just sad! Then, the guy starts telling the girl that she is different the rest and that he feels sooooooo comfortable around her…. Girls: Well, I must say that girl’s transformation is the most predictable of all.A girl comes to college and finds many boys that she is not used to seeing.Number of homeless in Oman soars amid economic crunch...“This is not the only homeless group living by a crust of bread and water,” he said. Some absconded after their visas expired and some have entered the country illegally.” They live in abandoned houses, construction sites, rooftops of commercial buildings, car parks of shopping malls and even behind rubbish bins....But meanwhile, here's the latest installment of 'Ask an Omani' by our fantastic guest Omani - Omani Dreamer.

However, in any case, there is a pattern that you will notice happening on the dating scene.

If the library is quite, you will be able to hear the giggles. Then, all signs of compassion and love between the two appear in public. Guys in this country like to brag about “how many” girls they have. Then, as any relationship, things start to advance. God knows where they go, but I’m guessing they just stay in the car and the guy gets some action.

Girls start attending college even when they don’t have classes (parents think they are studying very hard.. Once they are done, they guy drops the girl back at school...

Lots of interesting stories in my in box, and I'll give you updates on several running stories later this week.

There was a nice story in the UAE National about Homeless labourers in Oman too.