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52% of the MOO character descriptions referenced age, sex, location, or physical appearance.While data and observations from the field suggest the Internet is a medium wherein disclosure, communication and encounters between men who have sex with men (MSM) are made possible, few studies have examined this question in Africa’s Sub-Saharan countries.Today, its activities include prevention campaigns, promoting voluntary confidential counseling and testing (VCCT), distributing condoms and lubricating gel as well as the organisation of focus groups around sexuality and sexual risk HIV outreach and prevention pilot study, we present preliminary findings on the use of the Internet by gay men and other MSM for meeting male sexual partners in Douala.The objective of our pilot study was to define the proportion and profile of persons who access online encounters in order to implement targeted prevention messages to this population of gay men and other MSM.The recruitment of survey participants was facilitated by the integration of members from recruited participants from their social networks and in places where MSM regularly meet in Douala (nightclubs, snack bars, mixed or gay bars in Douala and its suburbs as well as via the Internet).This ‘snowball’ sampling method facilitated the extension of recruitment to persons having less contact with .

A total of 52 individuals (34%) reported having met their partners over the Internet during the previous six months.Variables derived from the face-to-face questionnaire items were first tested using univariate logistic regression (see Table 1 below).Those which achieved a liberal significance level of ≤ 0.20 in the univariate analyses were included in the multivariate model.While data and observations from the field (Alternatives-Cameroun, 2011) suggest the Internet is a medium wherein disclosure, communication and sexual encounters between gay men and other MSM are made possible, few studies have examined this in an online context in Sub-Saharan countries.This gap consequently deprives frontline workers of potentially important knowledge in terms of adapting, proposing and enacting new HIV prevention strategies and interventions.Prevention messages and interventions targeting MSM are often left to the goodwill of local community organisations (CBOs) working in a complex and hostile social, political and sometimes legal environment.