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Ms access rowsource not updating

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List Count = 1 Then 'The physician has only one specialty.

After using a combobox to make a selection the corresponding data only shows after pressing F5. The combobox is in the form header and the corresponding data is in the form detail. As already mentioned pressing F5 (assume this is refresh in access as well) showed the remaining record info.

If so, then all you need is this in combobox's After Update event: Me.

Is there a particular reason refresh has to be used when using ACC2007? For example, if I have a list with 2 combos and number 2 needs to get updated after something is selected in 1, I will put the rowsource=rowsource statement into the on Click event of Combo 1, i.e., combo2.rowsource=combo2.rowsource.

After I add a new value to the code table it doesn't appear in the combo box list. Sometimes it is necessary for the user to update code tables while they are using the system.

For example, if a user clicks on a combo box and the value that they are looking for is not present, you can set up the combo box to launch the corresponding code table on the combo box double-click event.

Requery Note that there is a difference between Requery and Refresh.and the resulting 8 subforms are named like: retail_internal_local_inclusive, retail_internal_local_exclusive et. Private Sub SELECT_INCLUSIVE_EXCLUSIVE_Change() Me. In Microsoft Access 2003/XP/2000/97, I've created a combo box that is populated by a code table.The Form pulls from one table (tbl PCInfo) while the query pulls form another (tlkp Products Server). Product Category ID FROM tlkp Products Server ORDER BY tlkp Products Server. Row Source = str Row Source End Sub I am not sure if this is enough info to go with and I just started learning VBA so I know this is probably a mess.Also the cmo Make Combo Box pulls from table (tlkp Products Category Server) Model Query: SELECT tlkp Products Server. Product Name; I want to add a WHERE parameter to filter for the current Product Category ID which comes from what is selected in the Make Combo Box Code I have Tried: Private Sub cmo Make_After Update() Dim str Row Source As String str Row Source = "SELECT qry_Model. We're a friendly computing community, bustling with knowledgeable members to help solve your tech questions.