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Likewise, the member profile personal room link will also be the same chat room as the embedded chat rooms.
Differences in desire to repartner may stem from the different benefits men and women receive in and outside of a marriage.

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The issue has popped up again recently and caused him to miss Sunday's game against Jacksonville.

The Ticats came away convinced Manziel isn't ready to return to football, physically or mentally. Wanting to see if Manziel was ready to dedicate himself to football and become a face of the franchise, the Ticats came away with "a resounding no" to answer those questions.

See more » : Let me just show you how to *construct* the map S, which is the fun of the lemma anyhow, okay?

So you assume you have an element in the kernel of gamma, that is, an element in C, such that gamma takes you to 0 in C-prime.

Senator Ted Cruz is all about that hardcore threesome action -- at least, judging by his Twitter account which "liked" a very X-rated video late Monday night. Cruz's spokesperson is strongly implying the Senator was hacked!!

The video in question was posted by the Twitter handle Sexuall Posts -- and featured a hot blonde lady diddling herself while secretly watching a man and a woman have sex. Since "likes" are public -- someone noticed that Cruz's account had clicked the 'ol heart button for that particular post ... Particularly interesting considering Cruz is a hardcore religious conservative who once defended a Texas law which banned the sale of sex toys. Communications Adviser, Catherine Frazier, strongly insists the porn watcher ain't Cruz -- tweeting, "The offensive tweet posted on @Tedcruz account earlier has been removed by staff and reported to Twitter." So, careful everyone ...