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Add in some great bands and a beautiful outdoor patio, and you can't beat it! Restaurant Review Kaffee Klatsch Bar103 Jefferson N.; 536-7993Comments: Hours Mon-Friday 4 p.m. Have great house-made pizzas; specialty coffee drinks from Kaffee Klatsch. Coffee Shop Review801 Franklin801 Franklin St., 519-8019Comments: Monday nights " p.m.
Dressing up in a fun costume is one thing (elves, Mr. ), but blowing your chances for a first date or second date before you even get there isn't any fun, is it? of year for singles of all ages, over 35, after 40 years old, over 50, Midlife Singles, and Senior Mature Dating singles over 55 and after 60 to post a new online dating profile at the Internet Personals Ads sites, Digital Dating heats up this time of year, so it's a great time to look for love online.

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See more » I watched this when I was young and it was one of the best comedies i'd seen.

Dear Son, When you were a baby, I imagined you growing up to become "all things boy."I envisioned mud pies and frogs in my bathtub, wrestling in the living room, and playing football in the yard. Wouldn't But more importantly, a girl just like me will unconditionally love you ... Unfortunately, there is no one "just like me," just as there will be no one else "just like" the woman you fall in love with; we are all unique individuals with our own strengths and weaknesses (although she will have more weaknesses than me).

The love you feel today will sweep you off your feet and you will believe you can't live without that person who holds your heart.

But, kind of like how you have to tear a muscle to grow it, each time your heart tears a little, it will grow back stronger and capable of expanding and experiencing even more. We move, we trip, we laugh, we connect, we let loose, we embrace, we touch and we feel.

Ever since you could talk, you've been obsessed with superheroes.

Not so long ago, Halloween wasn't properly Halloween without a Buzz Lightyear, Batman, or Spiderman costume (which you'd continue wearing long after, until the seams blew out).