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Of course for the younger women in the group, that would only be 20, one wouldn’t expect them to be married.
It's full of energy, i'd wear this to the strength training. I used nine sprays..wrist, behind my ears, back & front of my neck, chest, front and back of my shirt. But with subsequent wearings it lost its appeal to me. On my skin the I feel the pineapple smell and green. Energetic, DARK, sweet n' sour, manly, mysterious and unique. Im the only one who smell too much pineapple in it? I tried it at a store and immediately thought of mango, called my wife to ask her opinion without telling her mine, she immediately said "smells like mango" and that was it, I didn't give it a chance to get to the middle notes because I wouldn't like to smell like anything you can pinpoint immediately like a "strawberry perfume" for example (my wife used to buy cheap .00 or .00 "sprays" that do just that to be around the house) and prefer perfumes that use scents to create something new. It's all season and more evening scent (like Versace Eros). Average projection and longevity, for me not a beast at all. Very fresh and uplifting scent with above average projection and longevity. The beginning has this artificial, dark-ish strawberry smell that I really don't like and which kind of matches the design of the bottle giving off an emo-ish vibe, but after 10 minutes or so it turns into this fragrance that has this smooth masculinity about it (because of the rosewood), and is sweet (because of the praline, patchouli, cardamom and cinnamon) with a hint of freshness (because of the lemon).

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While winning helps, the best places to watch college football are based on more than any record. stream into college football stadiums like Michigan's Big House to chant, cheer, and stomp for the home teams.While much of the rest of the football world slogs through rain and snow, "The Swamp" in Gainesville is filled with sunshine and rowdy fans.Consider that over the past 20 years Florida has won nearly 90 percent of its home games (the best in Division One college football).The flag-waving leprechaun mascot and the Irish Guard precision marchers rile up the crowd, and the team still salutes the fans after every game (win or lose).And are those fans rabid: Fox Sports recently named the Notre Dame faithful the "most obnoxious fan base" in college football.When visiting teams are about to hike the ball, it gets so loud they often can't hear their quarterback's signal.

It was constructed in 1930 after coach Knute Rockne threatened to resign if his Fighting Irish didn't get a stadium more befitting their national stature.Whether crashing the Bowl Championship Series (small schools just aren't supposed to be there) or asking your cheerleader girlfriend to marry you (on national TV) after upsetting Oklahoma in a bowl game, the Boise State Broncos like to make their own rules.Even Bronco Stadium's bright blue playing field -- sometimes called the "Smurf Turf" -- was the first non-green field in college football and remains the only alternative color in Division One.In little more than a decade, the Ducks have gone from laughingstock to national contender -- and the NCAA's number one fashion show.Nobody does uniforms like the chic Nike-clad Ducks, who normally sport a dozen different looks in any given season.The Bruins haven't been a top team in years, but the laid-back southern California ambience still makes the Rose Bowl an appealing place for college football.