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The beginning of the end of Millan came in 2011 when a high-ranking member of the Zetas flipped - handing himself over to US authorities and agreeing to rat on his former paymasters.

Despite the fact that the killings were carried out in a foreign country, because Zetas has links to the US, the government allowed the case to be tried in Texas.

The Zetas gang, also known as Los Zetas, was originally part of the Gulf cartel, one of Mexico's largest and deadliest criminal organizations which was established in the mid 1980s.

Zetas was formed in 1997 by a group of Special Forces defectors which served the larger cartel and acted as enforcers for them.

In Piedras Negras, Millan's territory, 40 people disappeared.

Asked what happened to those people, the witness said: 'They got killed.'In order to dispose of the bodies, the cartel 'cooked' them, the man said, either by dissolving them in barrels of acid or burning them with diesel fuel.