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However, don’t try to stack the odds in your favor by trying to get your suppliers to absorb all of your holding costs through your contracts.

Methods for volcanic dating

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For example, say there are historically documented records of a volcanic eruption in a given year.An example we have found before is the eruption of the Icelandic volcano Askja in 1875.

The first is that the geochemistry, or what elements the tephra is made up of and in what proportions, is unique to each volcano and each eruption.

If we can find the same tephra layer in each core (matched up by its unique geochemistry) then we know that whatever depth we find it in each of our cores, which could be very different depending on how fast or slow each bog has grown, is exactly the same age.

This makes comparisons between each site much easier.

Eventually, as is the way of the world, gravity wins out and the tephra falls to the ground.

Some of it, the stuff we are interested in, falls on bogs!