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The demonstrators vacated all occupied Regional State Administration buildings, and activists in Kiev left the Hrushevskoho Street standoff; Kiev's City Hall was also released back to government control on 16 February.
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I have several times had a great time meeting a Dutch girl and spent hours on an insta-date with them one day to then be unable to get them to ever show up again to see me. Many Dutch guys just have the strategy of meeting a girl and sticking with it for the evening and taking her home that first night. I generally agree with this principle: If you like a girl and think that you’d like to see her again, and you’d enjoy banging her later, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to bang her that night anyway.For example, a good friend and I picked up some super slamming 30 something Wall Street girls at Pastis in the Meatpacking District of New York once and one of them was really getting along with my friend .

It’s a pretty good go-to-party on the off days of the week if you want to get completely trashed with some DAFFS and German drinking tourists.

Expect a cheap hotel to run at least 50 EUR for one, or 65 EUR for two.

Great food, great legal drugs, nice hot chicks, great art and music, great party, and a tolerant, cool, easy to get along with local population make Amsterdam a great location for single dude travel as long as a super low priced vacation isn’t a major need. Especially if you’re an American traveler, with the strength of the euro vs the dollar these days, you can spend a lot of money pretty quick there.

The good news in this is Dutch girls are not looking for some man to come and sweep them off their feet and pay for everything and make them some princess and give them some stupid diamond.

The are very independent and will buy you a drink within minutes of meeting you if they like you.