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Abbotsford's colonial development began when the Royal Engineers surveyed the area in response to the gold rush along the Fraser River in 1858.
They are still together and there is no sign of divorce at all. Maggie was born as Margaret Cassidy Lawson on 12 August 1980, Louisville, Kentucky, United States. Her mother, Judy was a homemaker and her father, Mike Lawson was a hotel manager.

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Even as the decade (and her career) came to an end, Day seemed an anachronism. In the no-holds barred, full-frontal modern age, the girl next door is expected to have a dark side.

She has remained single since divorcing her fourth husband in 1981, and has suggested that most women are animal lovers because “men are such beasts”.

She was married four times, with a colourful private life that included adulterous affairs, nervous breakdowns and physical abuse, all hinted at in her 1975 autobiography, Her Own Story and more brutally documented in David Kaufman’s Doris Day: The Untold Story of the Girl Next Door.

In later years, Day herself proclaimed that “my image baffles me”.

An online comment beneath the Telegraph’s news story rhapsodised about meeting “this personification of Christian beauty” in 1967, proclaiming “the atmosphere of inherent goodness was so infectious that I smelled like lilacs for weeks”. Boys everywhere had their first crush sparked by mid-afternoon television screenings of Calamity Jane, Young At Heart and all those tightly buttoned romantic comedies in which she was paired with Hollywood’s most closeted homosexual, Rock Hudson, such as Pillow Talk and Send Me No Flowers – which seemed to be based on the premise that what happens behind closed doors is usually nothing but a misunderstanding between consenting adults.

At the height of the supposedly Swinging Sixties, Day was the original Safe Sex symbol. The very concept seems hopelessly outdated, perhaps because these days we all live next door to the Big Brother house, where the latest object of national teen ardour, reality TV star Amy Childs, is showering in her underwear with Jedward on 24 hour CCTV.