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Mark saw her several times, and eventually they had a long conversation in the woods.

He apologised for the way he treated her in the past and put her up in an expensive flat.

Natasha, however, insisted that Mark arrange a job for Ryan in Dubai, which he initially did but later withdrew only days before Ryan was due to leave, as he had bonded with Ryan.

Natasha was not happy, warning Mark that it was only a matter of time before the truth came out.

Mark and Natasha first appear on horseback riding into the village to meet Bishop George, who is waiting to hand over the keys of St.

His parents never recovered from the shock and died shortly afterwards.

In late May, it was revealed that Mark was married to Faye, making his marriage to Natasha bigamous, and his real name was Daniel Lamb.

He went missing twenty-seven years ago, after going to pick up a friend from the station, and never returned.

But Natasha guessed what Mark was doing and confronted them, just as they were making plans for Faye to move on.

Faye told her this but Natasha refused to believe it, leading to a row.