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If I lower it to 2.5 mg will it be less sedating or will it just build up in my system over time & be just as sedating as 5mg Valium also has a half life of about a week but because ya get a tolerance to it the effect doesnt raise each day ya take it but ya dont get a tolerance to zyprexa it's probably obvious that halving the dose of zyprexa with reduce the sedation but i just wanted to make sure No experience with anti-psychotics, but yes, the lower the antagonism of Dopamine, the less sedation and amotivation and depression side effects from Zyprexa. i just wanna know that if i lower the dose i will feel less tired during the day. on 10mg the amount in my system would be like this day 1: 10 day 2: 15 day 3: 20 day 4 25 day 5 30 (because its effects last over 24 hrs so it would build up till it reaches the max it can in ya system.) if i were to take 5mg: day 1 5 day 2 7.5 day 3 10 day 4 12.5 etc. till it ended up 30 anyway (hypothetically assuming that's the most that ya body can take) it would take longer to build up but id have the same amount of zyprexa in my body over time no matter what dose i took. would there simply be less zyprexa in my body over a long period of time if i took half the dose?