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Hoor's Melt (n): offspring of a hoor, a bit like "son of a bitch" Hop, on the (n): bunk school, playing truant Horrors (n): drunk, e.g. I could eat a baby's arse through the bars of a cot (phr): I'm hungry I could eat the lamb o' Jayjus through the rungs of a chair (phr): I'm very hungry I'd eat a farmer's arse through a blackthorn bush! (phr): I certainly won't I've a mouth on me (phr): I'm hungry I've a throat on me (phr): I'm thirsty I will in me brown (phr): I won't! Jabs (n): breasts Jackeen (n): a culchie's name for a Dubliner Jacked (a): tired Jack in the box (n): A dead Dublin man Jacks (n): toilet Jaded (a): very tired, knackered Jammer(n): stolen car Jammers (a): very crowded, busy Jammin (v): having your period Jammy client (n): class A fool Jam on your egg (n): wishful thinking; will never happen Jam Rags (n): sanitary towels aka brillo pads Jammy (a): lucky Janey Mack! Lady Muck (n): a stuck-up woman Lamped him out of it, I (phr): I really hit the guy hard, knocked him out Langer (n): penis Langers (a): drunk Large Lad (n): mickey, willy, penis Lashing (v): raining hard Lashings (n): a lot i.e. Letting on (v): pretending Life of Reilly (phr): carefree, hedonistic Lift (n): elevator Like a blue-arsed fly (phr): running around, hectically busy Little green man (phr): a small bottle of Jameson's Loaf (v): to head butt someone Local, the (n): the nearest pub Locked (a): very drunk Lock in (n): when a pub locks people in after hours so the pub looks closed from the outside.